Royal Society of Chemistry Analyst Competition

Three of our Y12 students attended a Royal Society of Chemistry Analyst Competition at UEA along with Mr Parker. The team; Timothy Dowden, Nicholas Geere and Weronika Tomiak, were welcomed by university staff and met the other fourteen school teams also competing. After an initial briefing students were taken up to the chemistry department laboratories where they were confronted with the tasks ahead and had to say goodbye to their teachers. Their task was to analyse a pharmaceutical formulation containing vitamin C, paracetamol and sucrose to verify its composition. They used the techniques of titration, polarimetry and higher performance liquid chromatography to complete the tasks, some of which they were familiar with and others not.
Supported by university staff but not given specific help in completing the work, our team successfully completed the tasks. The day ended with the results being announced and although Langley school did not achieve one of the top three positions, the students enjoyed the challenge of collaborating together as a team and working in a university setting. This will certainly inspire the students in their academic and career goals as all of them intend to study science related courses in the future.

June 4th, 2018|Events|