Junior K2 National Selection Race in Nottingham

Our Year 12 students Tim Dowden and James How competed over 20km in the junior K2 assessment and national selection race in Nottingham on the river Trent. Tim and James had a good start making it into a breakaway group of 5 boats over the first few laps. However, Tim and James hit trouble with their rudder over the third portage, having to stop and repair it before setting off again. Unfortunately, the repair cost Tim and James a few minutes, causing them to lose the front end of the race.

The K2 worked hard over the remainder of the race and started to gain ground on the leading pack of 4. Sadly the gap ended up being too big and Tim and James crossed the finishing line in 5th position, a respectable 1 hour 44 minutes. A great achievement for both junior boys. Tim and James will be aiming to improve their position with a better run of luck at the next and final selection race in Maidstone before the national championships in late July.

June 13th, 2018|Sport|