Sixth Form students Granted Rare Access To Global Manufacturing Companies


The 6th form Design and Technology students were given a unique opportunity to gain an insight on how airlines seats and sports cars are manufactured in Norfolk.

The morning was spent with Mirus airline seating where students were given presentations on marketing strategy and how the company fulfills the market criteria for their seats. A full factory tour showed the students how seats are first modelled, using simple manufacturing techniques to realise their virtual CAD designs. Once designed, seats are assembled by using their unique quality control system, that shows how to assemble each part in the correct order and even tests the tightness of each bolt! The measuring department showed how they ensure that each component was accurate to the CAD model by using automated probes. The students were shown how airline seats are tested to meet the strict airline standards; this is completed first in computer simulation and later in real form.

During the afternoon the group were able to see how Lotus sports cars are manufactured at their Hethel plant.

Students were able to see how the engines were sub assembled before being attached to their aluminium bonded chassis.
They gained an insight into how Lotus manufacture their thermoplastic body panels, which are then painted with four coats of paint to achieve a high gloss finish.

The assembly line brings together thousands of components before the product is tested on their rolling road and rain simulation system. Finally each car is taken for a quick drive around the test track before being passed onto its new owner.

December 14th, 2018|Main News Page|