A Spine Chilling London Play

Early February saw members of the GCSE and A-Level Drama groups brave the freezing temperatures of London to witness the equally spine-chilling play ‘The Woman in Black’. Billed as ‘One of the Best Horror Stories Ever Staged’, the group were treated to a whistle-stop tour of the National Theatre and Covent Garden, courtesy of Langley’s resident West End expert Nigel Sullivan, before the evening’s main event: a masterclass in tension-filled tale-telling, jump-frights and scary sound design. “Best thing I’ve ever seen…” reports Callum, Year 11.
Never before have the welcoming lights of Birchanger Services been so gratefully received as they were for the journey home. Our thanks to Mr Watts for putting it all together and leading the trip and to the encyclopedic-knowledge of Mr Sullivan, who made a most enlightening tour guide!

February 11th, 2019|Drama|