Warhammer Victory!

As many of you were enjoying the Local football Derby recently, our elite team of Warhammer heroes, Cameron MacColl, Arlo Greenwood and Nick Yates entered a local Derby of a different kind, taking part in their very first Warhammer competition as part of the regional School League Kill Team Heats held at the Warhammer shop in Norwich.

In preparation, the boys had to build and paint their own squad of miniatures before competing against other local school teams, playing three matches each. Points were awarded for preparation, games won and sporting conduct. Although they did not secure enough points to make the national finals, Arlo won the prize for best Kill Team with his Space Wolves force (see photo), Nick came away with the award for Most Honourable Warrior and Langley were awarded Most Sporting Team of the day. Huge congratulations go to them on a fantastic first competition. For those interested in finding out more about Warhammer, why not sign up to our Monday Warhammer Activity?

February 11th, 2019|Events|