CCF Spring Camp – A First for Our Year 9 Cadets!

Langley School CCF deployed to Thetford to carry out Platoon level tactics including Section battle drills, patrolling, observation posts, night time ambushes and a dawn Section attack. All cadets worked extremely hard throughout the weekend learning new skills and working towards their basic and advanced fieldcraft skills.

It was a weekend of many firsts for our Year 9 cadets; it started with passing their weapon handling test and finished with one of the best cadet night time patrols Sergeant Townly SI had ever seen! It was an outstanding group of cadets on this camp but of particular note were Cadets Suki Beck, Georgie Cohen and Ali and Mohammed Al Manni for their positive attitude and progress made. The senior cadets also singled out Corporal Oscar Servant for being the first year 10 cadet to successfully command a Platoon for the ambush.

For Cadet Warrant Officer Oliver Sherwood and Leading Hand Jacob Ocal (Year 13) it was their final spring camp having attended every CCF camp since Year 9. When asked why they keep coming back their reply was “we love it!”.

“It was surprisingly exciting! I really enjoyed being able to take part in my first ambush and being able to fire blank rounds. We did lots of things I wasn’t expecting such as being woken up by gunfire at half 5 for a dawn raid and having to put on our kit quickly in the dark so we could engage the enemy. I am looking forward to the next camp and what it might bring!”  Cadet Suki Beck Year 9

Contingent Commander Major C Cooper would like to thank all staff for giving up their time and for facilitating such an excellent weekend. Thanks also to the deputy head Mr P Clark for visiting the troops prior to the night ambush


March 7th, 2019|Events|