Towards the end of the Spring Term, 29 of our students travelled down to the Emmanuel Centre in London. Here they joined A level students from around the region at a conference with Professor Elizabeth Loftus and Professor David Wilson. Professor David Wilson is one of the country’s leading Criminologists and the author of A History of British Serial Killing (Sphere). He presented the award winning Interview with a Murderer for Channel 4 and A Man Called Jack for BBC1 – about Jack the Ripper. Professor Loftus has had a unique career as one of the foremost psychologists of her generation and is listed as the most well-known female psychologist ever. She has been an instrumental figure in cognitive psychology and continues to be active in research, focusing on the malleability of memory and false memory syndrome. She has published 22 books and over 500 articles and chapters. In addition to these fantastic lectures students were also given practical strategies for revision and learned about the development of perception. A great day was had by all!