Years 3 and 4 welcomed our Growth Mindset characters to spend time with them in Forest School. The pupils worked hard in groups to create an amazing den for their chosen Growth Mindset character. Growth Mindset skills were discussed and linked to the Forest school activity. The likes of Creative Connie, Peter Participator, Roger Resilience, Collaborative twins Mac and Mabel and Independent Ivy all loved what the Years 3 and 4 had created for them.
“We made a camp for Mac and Mabel. He really liked the path to his neighbour’s house” said Willow, Eddie and James.
“Mabel was enjoying the tree house that Mr Edward helped us build. We put leaves under her like a bed” said Olivia and Larissa.
“We made a den for Peter Participator he really liked it. We put sticks on and we made a garden as well. The sticks held Peter and we made a rose and we made a trees with sticks” said Yusra, Reggie and Amber.

Mr Edwards was very impressed how both Year groups worked together demonstrating a variety of skills. Well done everyone.