If you come to visit the Reception classes at Langley Prep School at Taverham Hall, you will be in for a big surprise!
Since starting in September all the children have made an amazing start on their reading journey, learning their letter sounds to blend into words, building up a small sight vocabulary and reading simple sentences with fluency. As part of the Pre-Prep curriculum all the children read a new book to their teachers every single day.
We are busy in the mornings with our Literacy and Maths. The Reception classes are small with a maximum of 16 children and each Reception class has a Teaching Assistant. With the children having lots of individual attention we can ensure that numbers and letters are written accurately.
Now we are in our second term, the children are writing with more independence. They have progressed from simple mark making to writing a sentence completely unaided.
The children enjoy using the numicon to help them understand early place value and to assist with simple problem solving.

The School day is busy and fun for the children! They have all embraced learning French, practising simple greetings and singing songs.
Having a pool on-site, pupils enjoy their Friday afternoon swimming sessions with our qualified swimming instructor and using our Sports Hall for PE lessons.
Every week the children spend an afternoon in Forest School, with 100 acres of woodland, there are lots of opportunities for the children to explore the natural surroundings and learn new skills whilst having lots of fun. Pond dipping in the school pond is always a popular activity in the Summer term, whilst in the Winter term the children love toasting marshmallows around the fire.

The children all take part in music sessions, enjoying singing, playing percussion instruments and learning the songs around our Growth Mindset characters. These characters have inspired the children’s positive approach to learning.
Science is taught through topics, with lots of practical activities and investigation. Dinosaurs are a great favourite and the children always enjoy their trip to the Dinosaur Park in the Autumn term. During the Spring term, eggs are incubated in the classroom and the children enjoy a trip to a farm to observe baby animals. Pirate day in the Summer term is always very popular with a treasure hunt and picnic in our woods.

Testimonials from some of our Reception parents:
“William started his Reception year at Langley Prep School just over a term ago and we have loved seeing him develop in this time. His confidence has grown, his reading and writing skills have improved significantly (far beyond our expectation), and his desire to learn has grown every day. What has been a delight is how much he enjoys going to school. He loves the varied timetable, the staff, and the school lunches (which came as a surprise, as he has always been a picky eater!). We are enjoying seeing his interests, confidence and skills grow on a daily basis”.

“The Reception teachers find a way to ensure every child feels special and unique, appreciating their individual strengths and helping them flourish. Their enthusiasm for Lizzy’s progress and her deep understanding of Lizzy’s growth, both academic and emotional is second to none. Within the first 6 weeks of school we noticed an enormous transformation, both in her reading and writing and also in her emotional intelligence. She is becoming increasingly resilient and her enthusiasm to learn and persevere is wonderful to watch.
The teachers foster a really healthy atmosphere in the class, supporting children in making friendships and being kind.
We are thrilled with all the new skills Lizzy has learned, from her knowledge of dinosaurs and wildlife to sign language and baking. She often is bringing home the results of her new skills, for example we loved trying the delicious bread roll she brought home last week”.

“Preston found the transition from nursery to school hard especially being new to the school but the Reception teachers really helped Preston to make friends and build his confidence so that he settled in quickly. I really appreciated the phone calls that we would receive halfway through the day to let me know Preston was okay and the really useful advice the teachers gave us on how to help Preston settle in.”