Langley Preparatory School had a wonderful time visiting Langley Senior School and watching their enchanting performance of Peter Pan.
It was full of fun, laughter, adventure and of course magic! For many children it was the first time they had visited the Senior School and they were very excited for their visit to the ‘big’ school. The children have been talking excitedly about the trip since the beginning of the week, with many children excited to see their older siblings, friends and favourite characters.
Sophia A said “I’m looking forward to seeing Tinkerbell!”
Mr Perriss warmly welcomed us to the school before we were whisked away to Neverland. The actors and actresses performed confidently, clearly and were fantastic role models for the aspiring thespians in Pre-Prep and Prep. It was wonderful to see so many of our former pupils continuing to light up the stage.
Mollie M said “My big sister was really good and she had a great costume.”
Nayana M said “I liked it when the crocodile snapped!”
Blake B said “Me too! Captain Hook got what he deserved!”
Harriet C said “It was an amazing day!”
What a lovely way to end the half term.