The Reception classes had a wonderful visit to Mr and Mrs Rutterford’s farm. The children enjoyed running in the meadows and picking long grasses to swirl and swish. Lizzy particularly enjoyed using her long grass “look I’m pretending to be a tree!”
After all the rain earlier in the week, there were lots of boggy areas and the children loved squelching and jumping in the muddy puddles and it was lovely to hear Lexy singing and pretending to be on a bear hunt.
The children were fascinated to meet the ducks, hens, cockerels, guinea fowls, horses, pigs, rabbits, cats and dogs. Some children even had a glimpse of the peacocks hiding in the meadow as we drove down the drive on our journey back to school.
We were lucky that Mrs Skipper and Mr Crossley were able to accompany us and big thank you to Mr & Mrs Rutterford, Emmy was especially excited to have such special guests visiting her house.