This week we have been running a series of STEM based workshops for Year 5, 6 and 7 pupils.

On Monday, Year 5s designed their very own air pressure rockets, firing them in the school grounds. They used an iterative design process, showing their tenacious learning credentials, to constantly improve their design in order to get the rocket to go as far as possible. Logan managed a very credible 30m.

The Year 7s undertook a newspaper tower building activity. They first needed to design a prototype tower to find proof of concept and try out some innovative techniques. They then took this learning into their main building task, working in teams of up to 5 to try to get the tallest freestanding tower possible using newspaper and masking tape. The best team achieved a whopping 2.6m tall tower! They used triangles to give the base support and tightly rolled newspaper tubes to give the tower its strength.

On Tuesday the Year 5s took part in a round-robin of team based STEM activities. Their tasks were to design a paper aeroplane and see how far it would fly; build a newspaper tower; make a bridge out of a single sheet of newspaper that was strong enough for a golf ball to roll over it and tall enough for a golf ball to roll under it. There were a number of novel designs for the paper aeroplanes, with some interesting stunt flying as well as the traditional delta-wing model getting the greatest distance. The girls worked very well on their tower building; utilising skills learnt in their art lessons to produce newspaper rods that were tightly wound and very strong. The bridge building proved hard to master but all of the children showed great resilience in their efforts and did not give up.

The Year 6s worked in teams of 4 or 5 in the Sports Hall to perfect their designs for an air pressure rocket. They varied a range of parameters including tube size, nose-cone shape, wing size and wing number in order to come up with their optimal design. They persisted with their testing and refined their rocket with a number of the teams managing to hit the back wall and a couple even getting themselves caught in the top of the cricket netting.