The Prep School organised an activity morning to highlight some of the areas of our focus in PSHEE. Whilst we have weekly lessons, we felt that an immersive day might help to put across some of the key points that we are trying to support throughout our School community.

In Years 3 and 5, we looked at how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, Key Dates in British History and decorating cut-out fish to show Diversity – how we are similar and how we are different. The children all took their shoes off for a Sensory Mindfulness session, learnt how to make up a Safe, Secure Passwords and played a range of Trust and Organisational Games in the Sports Hall.
Years 6 to 8 took part in sessions about how to keep Safe from Norfolk Constabulary, what a Sustainable Environment might look like, what a Household Budget might look like and the need to balance the books each week; an overview of the UK Parliament and how it works; a Trip into the Woods for Forest School; a review of some of the Sustainable Period Products that are coming into the market to reduce casual plastics contamination and a look at some of the issues that may affect us when we take on too many commitments.

The feedback from both staff and pupils was great – they enjoyed the range of activities, being out of their comfort zone and thinking about some of the issues that will affect them in their later life.

Thank you to all the staff for their time and creativity in making this event so successful.