As part of the Art curriculum, Ceramic artist Lisa Barker visited the School and worked with all of Year 4 to produce beautifully glazed ceramic Hares.

To start of this special workshop, which links in well with our recent GoGoHares project, Mrs Barker explained everything involved with clay and glazing. Year 4 demonstrated very good Effective Participator skills by listening actively, asking good questions and showing intellectual curiosity. She was very impressed by how well Year 4 behaved and the amount of knowledge they had.

The sharing of glazes and ideas brought out the Team Player skills from Year 4. It was nice to see pupils supporting each other with kind comments and help. Once settled the Hares were bagged, named and sent off to be fired. They will return soon all shiny and ready for our school open morning on Saturday 5 May.

Cameron F – “Really, Really fun.”

Susannah H – “I like doing pottery it is really fun.”

Sky H – “I enjoyed painting the Hare.”

Oliver B – “I enjoyed cheering during the games.”