Pre-Prep children, from Acorn class to Year 2, were thrilled to welcome back author and illustrator Karl Newson, the creator of our very own Growth Mindset superheroes.

Karl shared a sneak peek at his latest children’s book, ‘For All the Stars Across the Sky’, and also read one of his other books, ‘A Bear is a Bear (except when he is not)’. With his calm and engaging manner, Karl gets right down to their level. The children were transfixed listening to the stories and particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to act like the characters in the story. Toma B (Year 2) said: “I loved doing the actions, pretending to be a bird and a polar bear.”

A great example of someone who works hard like Resilient Roger, Karl keeps going even when things get really tough. He also works really well in a team, like Mac and Mabel, with editors, illustrators, translators and publishers to create his books. Of course, he is definitely really creative just like Creative Connie!

The children had to opportunity to purchase books direct from the publisher, Nosy Crow, and some were even able to be signed by the author with personalised messages to the children.

Our Early Years children have been buzzing with excitement about the bears in the stories and all their adventures.

Orson W (Oak): “I can’t wait to read the story with Granny when I get home.”

Emily L (Reception): “Excuse me Karl, do you write all the stories in the world?”

Hugo H (Year 2): “What’s your favourite book?” Karl replied: “It’s ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.”

Martha L (Year 2): “I liked how he wrote his stories, he makes them very interesting and made you want to hear more.”

Emily D  (Year 2): “I love the stories.”

Evie M (Year 2): “I liked all the wishes that the bear made.”

Grace D (Year 2): “His stories are the best!”

Sonny T (Year 2): “The bear fell down from the tree when he thought he was a bird.”

Thomas D (Year 2): “I really like his new book where the bears go on adventures.”