Prep School pupils enjoyed becoming nature detectives searching for all the autumnal treasures shown on their treasure hunt sheets.

The highlight of course was finding a surplus amount of conkers which they busily collected whilst all aiming to find the biggest or the smallest. The treasure hunt was completed with a game of pooh sticks by the river and a well-earned cup of hot chocolate.

Following on from our autumnal treasure hunt some of the pupils wanted to make a nature board to document their findings whilst others enjoyed turning their treasures into conker caterpillars, owls, some lovely jewellery and tree decorations in time for Halloween.

They also enjoyed building and lighting fires to stay warm and cook yummy damper bread over an open fire!

Our younger Reception pupils had great fun collecting autumn leaves and conkers, working in teams to create their own hedgehogs. Collecting leaves on a parachute and throwing them up in the air has been huge amounts of fun too!

Reception children also had fun earlier in the term making stick men and pretending to toast marshmallows round a camp fire:

The Year 2 pupils went into the woods and created their very own Great Fire of Taverham. We have been studying the Great Fire of London all term and instead of displaying our craft Tudor houses, we decided to re-create the burning scene. It was interesting to see how much debris was left and gave them an idea of what London must have looked like in 1666. We were armed with water squirters that were not capable of putting out the fire, as had happened on that day hundreds of years ago.