Our Prep School children have been making the most of the great outdoors lately despite the colder weather! Years 3 to 5 have enjoyed building different shelters in teams using woodland materials and some additional items such as tarpaulins and rope. They have come up with some spectacular designs and cooperated beautifully with one another to do so.

We have also enjoyed lots of campfires. The children have been involved in the process, collecting wood of different sizes, filing buckets of water and clearing old wood from the campfire area. They have also helped to build the campfires and some children have had the opportunity to start the fire themselves using a flint and steel tool. Our pupils have enjoyed whittling pieces of willow in order to make screwers to toast marshmallows on. The children have also warmed up with plenty of cups of hot chocolate of late. A much-loved, mid-session treat this winter!

The snow has provided lots of fun and excitement at School with children looking for animal tracks, building snowmen, making snow angels and even using the snow as an added extra ingredient to use for our mud kitchen menu! Year 3 have also been making some excellent woodland ‘GoGo Hares’ representations.