This year, the whole school was involved in the Bullard House Music Competition: Early Years, Pre-Prep and Prep! Each section of the School performed with great enthusiasm and it was clear how much time and hard work had been put into their performances.

Early Years confidently opened the whole competition, singing Nursery Rhymes and it was clear from the audience, just how proud we all were! Pre-Prep followed singing songs by The Beatles. Each House had clearly spent time not only thinking about their singing but the whole performance and presentation too. Finally, Prep closed the competition, singing songs from James Bond. Great skill was demonstrated, with consideration over solos, and groups singing sections. Each House created a real atmosphere!

Whilst our adjudicator, Mr Dale Timbers, Head of Music at Taverham High School, added up scores, we were all treated to a very technical and challenging performance from Lana Kiddell. She introduced us to the Musical Theatre element that some pupils opt for within LAMDA examinations. The audience sat and watched Lana’s performance of ‘No Good Deed’ from the musical Wicked, in absolute awe. She was able to perform a very technical and challenging Grade 8 song with wonderful confidence and power.

Mr Dale Timbers then announced our winners, starting with the winning House for each section of the School:

Early Years – Hawks
Pre-Prep – Crows
Prep – Crows

Our overall winner of the Bullard House Music Competition was Crows! Congratulations to Crows.

Most importantly, a truly fun and energetic afternoon of music was had by all. A very big well done to everyone that took the stage!