Reception children were treated to a wonderful Pirate experience. All children and staff arrived at school in complete pirate outfits, some had even been up in the night “stealing’ treasure.

The children started to discuss events of the day with Captain Fry, Captain Daws and Captain Reeson when suddenly Captain Daniels burst into the classroom clutching a letter. She had been subjected to an altercation with the enemy as they would not release an important document! The content of the letter was revealed and Pirate Jake asked the children to help find a black tin box which would reveal some maps and lead to the treasure. With a real sense of purpose and lots of ‘ahoys’ our crew of pirates set about finding the box. After much searching Mollie exclaimed she had found it amongst the herbs growing in the Pre-Prep playground.

The children were fascinated by the treasure maps and set off to search for the clues which would lead to the treasure. Following a trail on the map the children loved running around the grounds retrieving the clues and keeping an eye out for ‘baddies.’ Eventually they ended up at the sand pit where X marked the spot and a great big treasure box was revealed. Instead of gold the children were delighted to find ice lollies which they could enjoy as a satisfying reward for all their hard work. Lunchtime was a pirate picnic in the woods with hula hoops for pirate rings, followed by a pirate story and songs. In the afternoon each child made their own pirate ship with their very own crew which they took home along with a treasure map and chocolate coins.

A most enjoyable day had by all!