25 09, 2020

Impressive speeches and performances

2020-09-25T15:14:53+01:00September 25th, 2020|Prep|

All the pupils in the Prep School have been busy learning about persuasive writing in English lessons. This has culminated in them writing their own speech, to persuade their peers, to vote for them as a representative for the School Council or the School Food Committee. The speeches and performances have been very impressive [...]

25 09, 2020

A productive week for our Year 5 and 6

2020-09-25T15:23:50+01:00September 25th, 2020|Prep|

From solving maths problems, drawing insects, practising their hockey, moulding hedgehogs, giving their opinion in French and learning about Hinduism and life cycles our Year 5 and 6 classes have had an interesting week. Maths Our Year 5 and 6 pupils have been working with negative numbers, solving puzzles and playing games involving adding [...]

18 09, 2020

A Cosy Forest Shelter for our Growth Mindset characters

2020-09-18T16:21:22+01:00September 18th, 2020|Forest School, Prep|

Years 3 and 4 welcomed our Growth Mindset characters to spend time with them in Forest School. The pupils worked hard in groups to create an amazing den for their chosen Growth Mindset character. Growth Mindset skills were discussed and linked to the Forest school activity. The likes of Creative Connie, Peter Participator, Roger [...]

18 09, 2020

Jeans for Genes Day

2020-09-18T15:03:44+01:00September 18th, 2020|Early Years, Pre-Prep, Prep|

To celebrate Jeans for Genes Day this week, the children have been asked to donate £1 to the charity in return for wearing Jeans for the day. In Prep, we have held a number of assemblies to highlight some of the issues that can be caused by issues with one’s genetic code. We had [...]

18 09, 2020

Dream Jars and Egg Drops

2020-09-18T13:40:27+01:00September 18th, 2020|Prep|

Year 4 Roald Dahl week: Sunday 13th September was Roald Dahl day, so this week the children in Year 4 have been learning all about his life and his books in their English lessons. Towards the end of the week, the children focussed on one of Roald Dahl's most famous stories; the BFG. The [...]

11 09, 2020

A house fit for a mouse King!

2020-09-11T12:32:52+01:00September 11th, 2020|Forest School, Prep|

During our first week of outdoor learning sessions our pupils have been making a house for Mickey the mouse. After establishing our Forest School names, pupils have been selecting from a substantial amount of twigs, bark, grass and foliage to make a comfy house for Mickey the real Mouse. Some houses had gardens and plants, [...]

10 09, 2020

Our Youth Mental Health First Aiders at the Ready

2020-09-11T14:41:34+01:00September 10th, 2020|Early Years, Pre-Prep, Prep|

As the children return after such an extended break the School recognises more so than ever the need to ensure the children's wellbeing and mental health fitness is very much on everybody's radar. In addition to having such a caring a committed staff body, the School is fortunate to have seventeen staff trained as [...]

23 06, 2020

Eggsperimenting in STEAM

2020-06-23T12:26:08+01:00June 23rd, 2020|Art, Prep|

Our pupils in Years 3 and 4 have done a fantastic job in creating models of their favourite stories in their STEAM activities recently. Rory S recreated a scene from The Lorax by Dr Seuss and Isabel S created a scene from The Beast Feast by Emma Yarlett Edible sculptures has also been a [...]