As part of their immersive English and Humanities curriculum, Year 4 have been developing their creative writing skills through the story ‘Escape From Pompeii’, written by Christina Balit and linked to their ‘Romans’ topic. The children have been tasked this week with writing their own spin of the story, creating characters and a storyline and ending when Mount Vesuvius erupts. They have incorporated lots of sensory description through the use of ‘amazing adjectives’, powerful verbs and adverbs. Here are some snapshots of their stories below:

‘On a hillside in beautiful Pompeii, Myles looked out of his window down at his best friend’s olive shop. It was gleaming with its white marble and bright flowers hanging from the window…’ by Elsie

‘A few minutes later, a huge, colossal cloud of steaming ash was rapidly shooting and bubbling in every direction. Everyone screamed in horror; it was ear-piercingly loud. ..’ by Isobel

‘Mary felt a flash of worry. Then the bright, beautiful and sunny day turned black. The earth started to shake, birds began flying frantically and the air became boiling hot. She could smell the toxic ash running into the heavens above, whilst people were rushing out of homes…’ by Orla

‘Suddenly Mount Vesuvius vomited lava and magma everywhere. The day turned black and people did not know which way to turn…’  by Aydin

‘Mount Vesivius exploded with hot bubbling lava. Everyone was screaming and the ground was shaking., Olivia couldn’t breathe…’ by Charlotte

‘I saw a statue fall and smash into a million pieces. The fish that I had caught landed on the floor and the pavement started to rack. Then might Mount Vesuvius roared, and ash clouds rose and I started feeling the trembles beneath my feet…’ by Finlay

‘In seconds, nobody could see. The air was misty and full of ash. There was an enormous amount of lava bubbling along the street.’ by Sonny

‘Mount Vesuvius roared one last time before the top exploded sending ash raining over the beautiful city of Pompeii. She jumped into the old boat that used to bring the olives and fish to the market and hid under a scruffy pile of homemade blankets, not knowing where she would end up’ by  Isabella.

‘Suddenly a dangerous flash of lightening and a giant bolt of thunder hit Pompei. A black, gloomy ash cloud hung over the city.
“I can’t breathe,” choked Charzan.
“Don’t worry, I’m here,” reassured Sophia.
“Everything is destroyed. We trusted the volcano and now look what it has done!” said Charsan sorrowfully’ by Bobby.

After being shown a demonstration to our Year 3s during their Forest School session, on how to make dolls, using string, clay and sticks from around the outdoor area, they all took to making unintentionally creepy soldiers. These soldiers will stand guard in front of the Bug Hotels that have emerged from the DT Department. Particular efforts were seen by Anjili and Fergus, who made two lovely looking soldiers. Big thank you to Scarlett and Sara who helped tremendously with clearing everything away. A lovely afternoon that was enjoyed by everyone, we look forward to seeing how our soldiers stand up in the coming days.