The Pre-Prep School Council members were very excited to be the first to play with the den-making kit. An instant hit with the whole of Pre-Prep, the equipment was bought with a kind donation from a Pre-Prep parent. Whilst playing with their new den-building equipment, the children have been demonstrating all of these soft skills, with lots of examples of Creative Connies, Resilient Rogers, Participating Peters, Independent Ivys and Collaborative Macs and Mabels.

Rory S (Year 2) said: “I like the tarpaulin and the rope. It makes the base of the den.”
Henry S (Year 1) said: “I liked working together to make a den. Our friends will like it.”
Charlotte B (Reception) said: “I liked tying the rope into a rainbow.”
Finlay B (Year 2) said: “I liked putting on the pegs.”
Olivia S (Year 1) said: “I liked giving instructions to make the den.”