Maths activities are an important part of learning for all children, starting with Early Years, and receiving a good grounding in Maths is an essential life skill. Our activities are designed to develop skills like problem solving, understanding and using shapes and measuring and developing spacial awareness.

In Early Years, children have been busy lately learning to recognise numbers one to ten, sorting objects according to their colours, complete simple patterns and familiarise with 2D shapes.

In our Reception classes we have been busy learning to count numbers using 1:1 correspondence, matching the right numbers with the right amount of objects, recognising one more or one less than…, as well as 2D and 3D shapes and use these to create complex patterns or manipulate various boxes during our play in the Class post office.

In Tuesday’s Maths Assembly, led by Year 1 Class Teacher, Ms Jemma Holmes, we continued thinking about the process of subitizing. This is where we develop the skill to quickly recognise a quantity of objects without counting. This might be counters on a grid or fingers raised on a hand. The children like to join in when images are quickly shown to them! If you want to have a go at home, put up a random numbers of fingers. How quickly can they recognise how many there are? Try to vary it a bit: show 4 with all fingers on one hand, then later on show 4 spread across two hands (for example 3 and 1).