In music lessons this week, the Early Years and Reception children have begun to prepare their songs for their Christmas recording to share with parents at the end of the Michaelmas term.
In Early Years we had a lovely time learning some Nursery rhymes upon a Christmas theme and adding a few instrumental highlights to our lesson.
The Reception children will be performing a Nativity called ‘Born in a Barn’ and are already loving the catchy tunes! Hopefully parents will be starting to hear them at home very soon!
In Year 1 and Year 2 we have been studying our composer this month, Duke Ellington. The children have all been given the task of finding up to 10 more facts about Duke which they can earn house points for from Mrs Skipper! If they are as good as they were for Debussy there will be lots of points being earned. The children have enjoyed the Jazz style and learning to listen out and identify the different instruments being played, the tempo of the music and the mood of the music. The children were also delighted to begin some socially distanced singing in the hall.

A highlight for our Early Years children was a kind donations of hats from our pupil, Isla B. The children loved their new hats and had a wonderful time dressing up and using the trolley in their role play area. Thank you so much Isla.