Early Years have been celebrating Chinese New Year. Oak and Acorns have been making Chinese lanterns with red and gold, as red represents good luck, joy and happiness and gold is seen as the most beautiful colour.

Oak class have been focusing on their fine motor skills using the chop sticks to count one to one correspondence with the poms poms and Chinese number cards.
Spencer commented “look I picked up pom-poms.”

We have also talked about the Chinese zodiac story, looking at the 12 animals that represent each year and how this relates to the story.

The children enjoyed creating their own tiny dragons.
Grace pointed out “look he’s long like this, he’s got purple legs ears and eyes”
Danny said “he’s got no body and he doesn’t breath fire”

Acorns have enjoyed playing in the coloured rice and powder paint also creating their own Chinese drums.
Harry said “it’s red” “bang bang”

Acorns and Oaks especially enjoyed the Sports Hall session where we got to do their own Dragon dance with musical instruments.