This week Early Years have been focussing on Autumn. We have used our senses to see the different coloured leaves, hear the birds and learn about the animals that live in the woods or hibernate at this time of year. The weather has been a topic covered by both Oaks and Acorn classes.
Acorns have talked about the weather and how it has got cold outside and have enjoyed jumping in the puddles whilst it has been raining. A shape walk encouraged the children with their 2 D shapes to look around the environment to see if they could match it to any objects. During the walk the children took the opportunity to practise their gross motor skills, using the trim trail for both climbing and balancing.
Oak class have enjoyed participating in many activities including, conker, leaf and acorn collecting, getting messy with paint to produce fantastic hedgehog pictures. They have explored collage to make fabulous owls and a maths activity sequencing the owls in order of size. We also used our visualizer in class so the children were able to size order themselves. The children did incredibly well using fine motor skills using scissors and sticking to make our sound of the week picture with the letter ‘d’.