Our pupils in Years 3 and 4 have done a fantastic job in creating models of their favourite stories in their STEAM activities recently. Rory S recreated a scene from The Lorax by Dr Seuss and Isabel S created a scene from The Beast Feast by Emma Yarlett

Edible sculptures has also been a highlight for our Years 3 and 4 pupils for their STEAM activities recently. Amaya N has made a lovely whale, Angus carved a caterpillar and Abigail B created a super breakfast bunny.

How do you remove the eggshell from an egg and keep the inside in one piece? Our Year 3 & 4 teams have been eggsperimenting! Well done to Oscar W, who conducted an eggcellent home experiment for his STEAM work.

Our Year 8 pupil, Zoe S, rose to the challenge, creating a beautifully shaded and sketched self portrait this week for her Art lesson.

Year 7 have been studying symbolism and self portraiture. Rahin S, Millie P and Alex S created some very insightful artwork in their ‘A portrait of two halves’ lesson. Whilst our Year 8 pupils have been studying Frida Kahlo in their Art lessons. Summer N and Zoe S both created portraits that capture Khalo’s style, with a modern day twist.

We look forward to seeing what our pupils will come up with next!