Pre-Prep and Prep children certainly made the most of the sunshine during Forest School Holiday Club. They enjoyed making lots of crafts using natural objects including clay hedgehogs, forest monsters and magical wands. They experimented with washing-up liquid and bubble wands made out of willow to create gigantic bubbles in the wind. They also made some gruesome mud slime by mixing PVA glue and paint.

Each day began and finished with games around the campfire where the children enjoyed toasting marshmallows along with other treats. They also made the most of the pizza oven and created some delicious snacks throughout the day.

Pre-Prep children loved having the opportunity to work with the Prep children who helped guide them along their tasks, especially when creating dens. All of the children worked cooperatively together, and whilst old friendships were strengthened, new friendships blossomed beautifully too.

At the end of the week the children were asked to think about all of the fortunate things they have in their lives and why they might feel lucky…

‘I’m lucky to have the best teacher,’ Brenin A, Reception

‘I’m lucky to have a great family,’ Shai M, Year 5

‘I’m lucky to have books to read,’ Summer N, Year 6