Geography is a subject that has great global importance to many of the issues that are happening around the world today, it is subject that carries great significance throughout our lives.

To learn Geography to a high level you need to develop a whole range of skills; literacy, numeracy, spatial awareness, problem solving, teamwork, research, creating and understanding arguments, in addition to ICT. Here at Langley Preparatory School at Taverham Hall we strive to develop all of these skills alongside growing a greater awareness of the world around us.

The topics covered are varied, as is the manner in which the topics are taught: Globalisation, Population, Plate tectonics, Economic Activities, Flooding, Climate, Weathering and Erosion. Not only in a world wide context, but also across the curriculum – most noticeably with Science, Maths and History.

In the younger years, pupils begin to develop a real sense of identity through an active exploration of humanities based work in conjunction with the History department.

Field-work and visits are essential when studying Geography including exploring the river Wensum, which runs through the School’s grounds, all with the aim to provide pupils a fascinating insight into a range of industries and contrasting localities.

Interactive whiteboards are used to enhance the teaching of Geography at Langley Preparatory School at Taverham Hall, and a comprehensive set of digital resources allows pupils to explore topics and research them effectively undertaking projects on transport and rivers.