The Art Department is now in full GOGOHARES mode. All groups are working on projects inspired by this magical creature.

Hares have long been a source of inspiration for artists all around the world. One of the oldest sculptures of a hare which you could encounter as you follow the GOGO Hares trail around Norfolk is a bronze figure of a crouching hare dating from Roman times, on display at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts.

As well as working towards the surface design of our School leveret, Year 6 have been exploring the 3D form of the hare. Year 6 were introduced to the sculpture work of Naum Gabo and Paul Orzech for inspiration. Working in teams, with limited materials, Year 6 had to create a 3D freestanding hare. The pupils demonstrated excellent team player skills; sharing and discussing ideas.

‘Max and I really enjoyed making the hare sculpture. Ours turned out to be the biggest and the best’ – Archie S

‘I enjoyed it but it was difficult putting it together’ – Eleanor T

‘We had to collaborate well together to finish our hare sculpture. Fun but hard’ – Daniel G