Daydream play

This year’s annual Year 6 production was ‘The Green Daydream Machine’. Written by Mr Tan, the musical is about a malfunctioning machine that sends three children back in time. There were fun songs, a bit of dancing and some wonderful acting from a year group who have shown that there is much to look forward to in the performing arts over their time in the top two years at the School.

Our wonderfully presented Narrators (James C and Rebekah H) told the story which followed twins, Harper (Tabitha A) and Parker (Myles M) and their friend Connor (Elliott H), who were thrown back in time due to the malfunctioning machine. They encountered Cleopatra (Jessica F and Holly E), Robert Kett (Danny W) and the founding fathers of America (Joseph G, Harry S-C, Harry H and Isaac B) before returning to the present day, where they were presented with their history test by their fierce class teacher, Miss Ratchet (Ruby K).

Every child in Year 6 was involved, on stage and back stage. A superb performance enjoyed by all.