Five enthusiastic members of this year’s Greenpower Team took to the racetrack at the Coltishall airfield to compete in the annual Formula Goblin Go-Kart Race Day in which schools from across the region come together to race against one another in single-set electric cars. The event is ran by Greenpower Education Trust, which allows children to get hands-on experience of engineering within the classroom, both building their own electric cars, and racing them on the day of the event itself. Greenpower Education Trust run the project to spark children’s interest in STEM subjects (science, tech, engineering and maths), and has proved a real hit over the last few years.

This year’s car, the body of which the team built out of the kindly donated fruit juice cartons, performed really well. We came first out of many heats of the short, drag race event and got better in the slalom event, but the highlight of the day was the 3 car race after lunch: a knock out event where all 27 teams from schools around the region raced. After some dodgy moments and some close shaves of the barrier, Jared drove the car like a dream and Charlie D’s pushes ensured a good start off the line each time ensuring a third place overall! Both Ellie and Abbie working together and Thomas improving all the time ensured the teams performance was so good.

Thanks to all the team for their efforts over the year and to all the parents for their support on the day! A great performance all round – well done everyone.