Growth Mindset


At Langley Preparatory School at Taverham Hall, we recognise that pupils who have a positive approach to learning make excellent progress and are successful. As a result, we put a real emphasis on nurturing a Growth Mindset culture throughout the School from Pre-Prep Early Years to Year 8. Our aim is to foster a Growth Mindset in children to help shape their belief that they can change and grow throughout their lives and not limit their potential.

Head of Prep, Mike Crossley:

“At Langley Preparatory School at Taverham Hall we passionately believe that Growth Mindset will help our children develop resilience and a can-do attitude. The School has personalised the Growth Mindset approach by introducing superhero characters representing resilience, independence, participation, collaboration and creativity, which have been designed especially for us. As the children move up the School, the focus of these characters expands into the six soft skills which we have identified that senior schools, universities and future employers seek out.”


Growth Mindset is the name given by psychologist Carol Dweck to the idea that intelligence can develop, and that effort leads to success. The School has been interested for some time in this study of how children learn and progress more effectively. Of course, Growth Mindset ties in perfectly with our School motto ‘Conanti Dabitur’ – through effort we succeed.

Fixed Mindset is the belief that we are born with a certain amount of ability, be it a lot or not very much, and there is not much that can be done to change that. A Growth Mindset is the belief that our abilities can change and grow through effort and learning. Through gradual introduction to this learning approach, we aim to encourage the children to challenge their fixed mindset beliefs and to develop a Growth Mindset.

To make the Growth Mindset approach more accessible to the younger Pre-Prep Early Years and Pre-Prep children, the School has created its own unique Superhero characters representing five growth mindset core values: Resilient Roger, Independent Ivy, Peter Participator, Collaborative Twins Mac and Mabel and Creative Connie to which the children are introduced gradually. The children respond well to this approach and enjoy learning songs especially composed by the School about each of the Superhero characters.


To continue the promotion of a Growth Mindset and empower our children to become independent learners, the Prep School offers its own Independent Learner model.


This model focusses on the six soft skills that seniors schools, universities and future employers all seek out and that we, as a whole school, passionately believe will help our pupils to develop positive attitudes to learning, maximise their potential and develop into well-rounded, happy individuals ready to cope with life’s challenges.

We have named these six soft skills Tenacious Learner, Effective Participator, Team Player, Creative Thinker, Self Manager and Reflective Learner. They tie in very closely with the Growth Mindset Superheroes introduced in the Pre-Prep and allow older children to develop a more conceptual understanding of the learning attitudes which will help them to become effective, self-motivated and resilient individuals. In addition, pupils use their ‘Purple Pen of Progress’ which gives them the power to respond to their teachers’ feedback and improve the quality of their work and aspire to be the best that they can be. The development of soft skills and independence is further extended through both the Wensum Award programme offered to pupils from Year 6 as well as the Prep School Baccalaureate (PSB) that pupils embark upon from Year 7.