Our first Hall Rock Café of the academic year took place this week. A great rock ‘n’ roll vibe was created by all performers! The rock bands thoroughly enjoyed the moment. They demonstrated a great sense of rhythm and pitch. Most importantly, the team spirit was very visible and made the evening really fun and enjoyable.
With Rock Band, Rock Hobby and Neat Beatz performing, the evening involved pupils from Year 3 up to Year 8. The evening closed with Mr Hamilton sharing a performance, followed by Mr Hill, both had the audience in complete awe. A great way to end the night, giving our pupils inspiration and motivation.
Louis M, Joseph G and Harry S-C all said “It has been really good to play together as a band with an audience to perform to.”
Jonathan B said “I enjoyed performing and I liked singing along to songs by the other bands.”
Miss Briggs shared a quote from the American rhythm and blues and rock and roll singer, Larry Williams, “In truth, rock ‘n’ roll has no beginning and no end, for it is the very pulse of life itself.” All the bands looked very natural up on stage and totally immersed themselves into the rock ‘n’ roll feel.