‘I have found a lovely hat, but when can I wear it?’ was the quandary faced by Apple the Pony in the Year 1 play. Apple was played with spirit by Isla, as her character journeyed through the four seasons, meeting other animals on Great Oak Farm and trying to work out just when she could wear the hat without it blowing away, being too cold or getting wet. Fortunately, Cuddles the Sheep (Nayana pretending to be grumpy) and Einstein the Cow (expertly done by Gabriella) were there to help Apple solve her problem. The audience loved the Chilly Chickens as they clucked and joked their way through their scene. Buster and Bonnie the Puppies bounded around with enthusiasm and energy, whilst Mollie as the Goat had laidback cool perfected. And who can forget the Party Pigs, as they brought along their best dance moves to a tropical themed bash? The show was woven together by the rapping skills of the Farm Family and the clear speaking of the narrators. The children worked very hard to bring the show together, producing a play that displayed their enviable acting skills, singing voices and stage confidence. What a fantastic job, everyone! We wish to thank Mr Winship for stepping in at the last moment to film and record the sound of our performance, which will be made available in due time.