Written by Year 8 pupil Gracie C 

On Thursday 12th March, we ventured to the Senior School to take part in the History heroes debate with 8 Express from both schools. With seven participants from the Prep and four from the Senior School, there were some excellent speeches to listen to. The speeches included Mandela, Pankhurst, Coco Chanel, Anjou, Charles II, Da Vinci, Rosa Parks and Tesla! After each speech, the judges asked a series of questions that the performers answered excellently. Everyone who was watching was fully engaged and intrigued into what everyone had to say. The eleven speeches had been performed, which meant the judges had the hard job of picking the winners. We left the Senior School with Freddie M in third place, Louis M in second, and Summer N in first place, and with a full belly from the excellent food served after the debate. It was a very successful and enjoyable day, so thank you to Mr Hoare for organising it and taking us there!