In our Forest School lesson this week the Reception children collected natural materials to make a hobby horse. They all found a long straight stick for the body and then leaves, bark, fir cones and grass to decorate the head of their horse.


During their literacy lesson their thought about where they would go on their hobby horse. The girls and boys had some lovely ideas and did some fantastic writing.

Poppy wrote:
“I am going under water on my magic hobby horse and I will see lots of sea horses and lots of star fish and I like swimming with my horse and it’s name is Leah and it is light brown for the fur and it’s eyes are light blue.”

Our Pre-Prep Forest School after school hobby  got off to a fabulous start with sunny weather and blue skies. As we were walking up to the site, a variety of butterflies and bugs buzzed, fluttered and hummed passed, an omen of things to come. Each child was asked to find themselves a forked stick which was then turned, using string, into a rudimentary spiders web, ready to hold our later creations. As we sat around the log circle we shared our knowledge about spiders, how many eyes? How many legs? Names and types? Where does the silk come from? The children learned about the peacock spider, a tiny but very jiggy little one with a very brightly coloured bottom (worth a finding out more!) who waves and dances about, all to get a girlfriend!

Having constructed a simple web like structure, the children then designed their own spider types – from a ‘scorpion backed’ spider, to ‘leaf’ spiders, ‘red banded’ spiders and the rest! Imaginations ran wild and we had fun using natural materials to decorate exoskeletons and legs.

“Mine has a poisonous spike” said Jude.

“Mine jumps out of leaves underneath its web and eats its prey” claimed Harry.

Life cycles and habitats were discussed and imagined. The end of the session came too quickly and we transported our new friends back to school to be shipped home and into their new lives!