This week Early years have been talking about fireworks and Remembrance.

The children have really enjoyed creating their own firework displays talking about the sounds and colours they have seen and heard in the sky:

Danny” they go bang and zoom and loads of colours, I’m going to the school fireworks”

Millie ” I saw rainbow fireworks”

Emmy “I saw some orange ones”

Whilst busy creating our poppy for remembrance the children identified the colours. Oliver observed “it’s for all the old superheroes” pointing at his poppy badge on his jumper.

We also talked with the children about a poem called ‘Remembrance Day’.

Our Reception children have also been busy learning about different types of light and identifying different light sources, including fireworks, the sun and moon and other light sources. They all chose a different light source to write about on a glittery star. They loved listening to the story ‘Can’t sleep little bear’ and talked about the lanterns that Daddy Bear used. They created lovely pictures of night skies and glittery moons, carefully cutting out silhouette shapes of buildings and trees.

On Thursday Reception celebrated the Diwali festival of light. They played with lots of light up toys and made their own Diwali lamp complete with artificial flickering candle.