Inspiring Global Citizens
What an exciting year this has been! We started the year with a Language Detectives Day for some of our Year 8 pupils, enjoyed a thrilling play performed in French by native speakers from the Onatti Theatre Company for Year 7 at Langley Senior School and we have just finished the year with a delicious French breakfast with some beautiful singing from our Year 2 pupils who have been practising hard with Mrs Wynne for their delightful performance!

We look forward to exciting times ahead in the new academic year when 24 pupils from Years 7 & 8, together with Mr Stubbs, Miss Menegaz and Miss
Williams, will be enhancing their communication skills during our visit to La Grand’Ferme in Normandy from 22 to 26 September. With everything from a shopping visit to a market and Mont Saint Michel, to bread-making and a trip to a goat farm, this will be an experience to broaden horizons and enrich our linguistic skills!

Languages and ICT
This academic year has seen us take a technological leap forward in the way we support our pupils in their study of French. Our website,, has been used more than four thousand times this year as pupils have practised their current units, revised topics from earlier in the year and laid the foundations for new topics coming up. Our YouTube channel, LangLangs French, has got off to a great start with 40 tutorial videos and practice activities which pupils can use to develop specific areas of their learning.

All together now, speak!
The new GCSE courses in Modern Foreign Languages which began examining in Senior Schools across the country in 2018 have a strong, new emphasis on being able to speak spontaneously. Here at Langley Prep School, learning to respond in French to what goes on around us in the classroom lies at the very heart of what we do, and so we are delighted that our pupils will leave us with well-developed skills in this area, ready to pursue their GCSE studies at Senior School. As a result of this, in June, Mr Stubbs was invited to deliver training in strategies for developing spontaneous talk for SCITT, a teacher-training programme for schools around the country, at Sheffield Hallam University.

PSB & Growth Mindset
Across the school our pupils learn how developing a Growth Mindset is extremely effective in helping them to make progress in all of their subjects. They learn that making mistakes is a necessary part of learning at all stages, that perseverance, resilience and hard work build strength, and that reflecting on their performance and being specific about how to make it even better next time are key to becoming successful learners. Learning a foreign language really helps to develop a Growth Mindset, and a Growth Mindset transforms the experience of learning a foreign language. Many language learners of school age and much older are tempted to compare themselves to native speakers and can soon feel despondent, but a Growth Mindset helps them to embrace the challenge in a very practical way as they keep in view both the long-term goal of confident, accurate communication and the more immediate steps that will help them to get there. Our PSB Programme works hand in hand with a Growth Mindset as it lays out those steps and provides the opportunities to see the Core Skills develop.

Calling all bookworms!
Finally, September will see the launch of our French library. Pupils will be able to borrow short books bursting with exciting stories, written by native speakers for non-native readers at different stages of their learning.  Most come with a CD, so pupils will be able to listen to the story being read to them and they can join in too! This is a wonderful opportunity to support their learning with the written word, to broaden their range of vocabulary and to consolidate their sense of how the language fits together.

Information session
Mr Stubbs will be presenting an MFL Information Session for parents of pupils in the Prep School on the morning of Thursday 14 November, which all are very welcome to attend, when he will give an overview of how pupils learn French here at the Prep School and of simple ways in which you can support your child’s French learning at home, even if you are not a French speaker.

Our Year 2’s delightful French Breakfast