The Accelerated Learning (Learning Support) Department

Langley Preparatory School at Taverham Hall values each pupil as an individual offering a rich and varied education that develops the diverse talents of all pupils.

Whilst the needs of the majority are met through differentiated planning, we recognise that some pupils can face barriers to learning and have additional learning needs.

Our Accelerated Learning Department has a strong team of highly qualified staff who work closely with teachers to identify gaps in learning and to plan and implement support for our pupils.

Working in partnership with the pupils, parents and carers, teachers and other professionals we endeavour to offer support and encouragement to allow each individual to make the best progress possible and become increasingly independent with their learning.

Alongside effective classroom teaching specific support may be offered to pupils such as:

  • In class support
  • Small group literacy support, which can include the allocation of online programmes
  • Small group social skills and communication support
  • Small group speech and language support
  • 1:1 lessons tailored to individuals

For further information about our approach to learning support please see the policies section of our website or contact our SENDCo, Sam Hearn: