For the second fortnight running, pupils in Years 3 to 8 have been letting off STEAM, creating and experimenting with a range of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Creativity and Maths) activities. Pupils can choose the complexity of their challenge and can even create their own STEAM tasks, linked to their fortnightly theme that reflects what they have been learning about in their Science and Maths lessons.

Years 3 to 6 have been following the Fairy Tale and Magic Tricks theme, creating all sort of mystical and whimsical constructions, experiments and artwork. From Science experiments such as making Magic Milk, helping pupils to learn about the fatty tissues in milk and the chemicals in washing up liquid that can break them down, to engineering a safe escape for Rapunzel to escape from her tower, or even creating the most ‘wind resistant’ (hairdryer) friendly houses for the three little pigs, the pupils have really risen to the challenge. Many have enjoyed making fairy houses, with some even creating a whole fairy village, complete with lights for a truly magical night time scene.

Pupils have set their standards high yet again, with mind blowing magic trick shows, brick-built miniature castles with working drawbridges and green fingered creations in the garden but to name a few of the impressive submissions we have seen. There have also been some amazing Lego stop motion videos submitted (see below!) and some mouth watering culinary concoctions, created for VE Day family celebrations. The pupils have excelled themselves.

In Years 7 and 8, pupils worked on various themes and have been incredibly creative and tenacious, submitting work on the topics of Space, Engineering, Evolution and Adaptation, Design and Sustainability and have been given the opportunities to develop their computing and artistic skills. Pupils have been able to choose topics for self-study that inspire them and have been exploring and researching big questions such as ‘How has human activity contributed to animal adaptations over the last 150 years?’ and ‘Is there a “Planet B” other than Earth, that could support life?’

Again, our older pupils have surpassed expectations, creating geometric constructions, engineering and testing bridges, creating Solar System guides, designing and creating sustainable sports trainers, creating and making wooden bug hotels and even designing and making their own face masks. We can’t wait to see what they will come up with next!