Magna Voce loved every minute of this unique opportunity to perform with brilliant young musicians from all around the UK on stage at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the Music for Youth Proms 2019. Alfie H (Y5) said “I love it at the Royal Albert Hall and listening to all the different music. I loved listening to the bass in the music and following the pulse.”

After several months of hard work, they were able to perform an extract from the newly commissioned Norfolk Schools Opera Project ‘A Kind of Magic Flute’! together with their peers from schools in Norfolk – a spellbinding performance, sublime vocals with a delicious salsa twist!

Magna Voce were completely in awe! Sofia H (Y5) shared, “It’s amazing in here and it’s been my dream to come since I was 4.” Pupils were amazed by the space and were extremely excited by the amount of people there! Oliver W (Y5) said, “I like the layout of the Royal Albert Hall and how many people are here.”

Both Emilia P (Y5) and Freya F (Y5) commented on how fun the whole trip was and how they got to hear ‘spectacular music.’ It was great fun to walk across to the Science Museum and sit down to eat after rehearsals. Alfie H said “I love the lunch trolley’s at the Science Museum, labelled with elements from the periodic table.” All had great fun and it was fantastic to be able to experience so many cross-curricular links. The pupils worked extremely hard in the lead up to this event and rewarded themselves with a wonderful performance in beautiful surroundings.

With special thanks to our Director of Music, Miss Briggs, who prepared our pupils so well in the lead up to this amazing evening of celebrating music! Our thanks also to Norfolk Music Hub and the Theatre Royal for putting together this massed Norfolk ensemble.