U13As v Gresham’s 
LPS@TH – 91
Gresham – 89

LPS@TH were into field first, knowing they were facing a strong team the girls put the pressure on from the start as they bowled great lines and their fielding was sharp. The first wicket came from Tabitha’s bowling and WK Emily catching Gresham’s strongest batter out. The second wicket came from Izzy who bowled Gresham’s batter No3 out and shortly after, Ruby caught their batter No2 out off Maddie’s bowling. The forth wicket came from Tabitha as she ran out another one of Gresham’s strongest batters, with a great throw at the stumps sending the bales flying. Shortly after Ruby again took a great catch off Lily-Ella, and Rebekah and Milly also bowled 2 more of Gresham’s batters out. There was also some lovely bowling from Sara and Alex who gave away minimal runs off their 2 overs and some great bowling stats from all of the girls. Gresham’s finished on a total of 89 runs.

LPS@TH were into bat with Ruby and Milly opening the batting. Again the girls faced some very strong county bowlers but Ruby and Milly managed to bat the first few overs out. The girls got a few runs here and there but were slightly behind on the run rate and despite Ruby getting out, Issy and Milly managed to get some runs between them before getting out. Tabby and Emily were in next and started to build a good batting partnership with both of them playing some great shots and gain lots of runs. Emily then unfortunately edged the ball in the air getting caught but Tabitha was on great form and showed excellent leadership as she supported each of her new batting partners in. Lily Ella was next into bat and again a partnership started to build but knowing there was only a few overs left and plenty of wickets behind them, the girl knew they had to push hard for runs and whilst doing so, Lily-Ella got run out putting Rebekah into bat. With a 2 balls to go, Tabitha hit a great shot for 2 but Gresham’s then over threw the ball and misfielded it, giving the girls another 2 runs making it 89 all with 1 ball to go. Again Tabitha faced the last ball and almost hit a boundary but just the 2 runs was enough to win the match!
Tabitha finished a total of 22 not out!
What a great game of cricket girls! You all showed great character and put out an excellent performance!

Team: Milly H-K, Tabitha A, Isabella S, Ruby K, Rebekah H, Emily H, Alex G, Maddie B, Sara B, Sophie C-R, Lily-Ella P-H

U13Bs v Gresham’s
Gresham’s – 277 runs
LPS@TH- 267 runs

The girls started by batting first having lost the toss. Cara and Summer stepped up first and we’re facing some really good bowling, however they managed to rack up a few runs, as the rest of the girls took to bat they came into their stride and were hitting the ball well but just not quite past the fielders. Tuesday was batting well stepping towards the ball confidently picking up odd runs here and there and finally was rewarded hitting a four in her last over in bat. The girls finished the batting on a score of 268.

The girls then set up for an innings of fielding expecting the Gresham’s girls to bat well. The first four overs saw the first batting pair batting exceptionally well hitting several fours and even a six. Both Cara and Summer remained calm and composed and bowled well with Summer getting a wicket. Zoe and Millie also bowled well making it hard for the Gresham’s girls to pick up runs and getting a wicket each. A special mention must go to Gracie who was voted Player of the Match by the Gresham’s girls. Gracie caught 4 out, stumped two and got a wicket when bowling. Getting 7 out of our 10 wickets.

The Gresham’s girls finished on 277 runs, which meant we narrowly missed out on a win by 10 runs. However the girls should be very pleased with their performance, 10 wickets is something to be proud of. Next game we just need to work on getting more runs of good balls. Well done girls.

Team: Mariana L, Summer N, Gracie C, Edith D, Cara F, Tuesday P, Trinity B, Zoe S, Millie J, Amelie T