U11B v Framlingham Prep Score: 3-6
The girls faced a good Framlingham Prep team. After a thorough warm up, they started the game well and the ball went from end to end.  After Framlingham scored first, the girls responded well, with Millie and Alice working together to get the ball down to Emily to shoot and bring us level. Framlingham went on to score two more goals in the first third, despite some excellent defending.
During the second third, both teams scored more goals and the game was very end to end with both teams making great interceptions and showing good footwork.
The girls continued to work hard into the last third. Beau linked up really well with Millie to get the ball into the circle. The girls had opportunities to draw level but were just unable to score. They played well right up to the end and didn’t give up. All round it was a very good game with lots of positives.
Thank you to the A-team girls Evie W, Issy M and Rachel H who helped to score, keep time and take notes on the girls’ performance.

Team: Emily B, Grace S, Alice H, Millie P, Emily M, Lois C, Rachel S, Beau K

U11C v Framlingham Prep Score: 5-3
In the brilliant sunshine our girls were up against Framlingham. We had a great start with some early intercepts and passing between the defence to the attackers. Zinhle got an early goal making us 1-0 up and shortly after Freya scored, putting in a 2-0 lead. The team had a great flow from the defending D right into the attacking D. Great passing and moving to the ball from everyone. Framlingham got a well-deserved goal when we fell apart, but we quickly got back to tight marking, making it difficult for them to score. Zinhle was on top form, with some amazing passing and was the top scorer of the match!
Sophie in C position stood out by her fabulous passing; she read the play well and carried the ball up the court.
We finished the match after a great contest, winning 5-3. Awesome effort, girls, you played your best till the final whistle.
A very well-earned win! Keep it up.

Team: Zinhle N, Sophie C, Mary L, Freya S, Emily M, Olivia G, Susannah H, Daisy S

U11D v Framlingham Prep Score: 2-0
In the glorious February sunshine, our U11D team played some of the best Netball we have seen from them and dominated their game against Framlingham. Match reporter, Grace HK writes:
“All of the girls played very well by passing the ball in the right place with power. No goals were scored in the first third of the match but we kept our heads up and scored 2 in the second third. Liella gets a special mention for her fantastic shooting and Abbie was voted player of the match by the opposition. Amazing performance from all of the girls and a great win for the Ds.”
Thank you to Grace and Evie for being match officials. Captain Lana was superb at intercepting and passing out of danger, Connie showed tenacity to win every loose ball, Ellie, Millie and Daisy moved well to create space in the mid court, and attackers Liella and Nicole linked up so well and were unlucky not to score many more goals. It is fantastic to see their girls growing in confidence and skill every week.
Team: Lana K, Abbie R, Connie C, Millie E, Ellie R, Daisy L, Nicole M, Liella F

U13A v Framlingham Prep Score: 16-24
Having endured a longer than usual journey to Brandeston due to numerous roadworks, the girls were on the back foot from the start. With no time for a proper warm up, they hit the ground running and found themselves 3-7 down after the first quarter before they knew it. They got more into their stride in the next quarter stringing some good passes together and getting the ball into the circle more frequently, despite some fierce defending from the Suffolk girls. By half time the score was 14-7 in Framlingham’s favour. The tables turned in the third quarter and LPS@TH found their form, reducing the deficit by 2 goals, taking the score to 12-17. However, the home side extended their lead in the final quarter finishing 8 goals ahead (16-24). The result was a combination of having a home advantage, one or two girls under par and not being fully prepared from the start. However, taking nothing away from their opponents, who were just that little bit tighter. Every match is a learning curve and this competition highlighted these points and areas where we need to get that little bit smarter. Good effort, girls, under the circumstances. P.O.M: Emily

Team: Ruby K, Lily-Ella PH, Millie HK, Emily H, Edith D, Gracie C, Izzy S

U13B v Framlingham Prep Score: 7-11
The girls got off to a slow start and were 5-1 down after the first quarter. The second quarter told a different story and they worked well together to reduce the margin by two goals, finishing 3-5 down at half time. Energy levels were high in the next quarter with some determined play from all LPS@TH girls and at one point they took the lead by one goal. In the final quarter, the score was level at 7-7, with all to play for. Despite working hard, it was not their day and no further goals were scored. It was a very evenly matched game which could have gone either way. This is a strong little team who would all benefit from playing at club level which would help enhance their skill level and tactical play in particular. Well done, girls. P.O.M: Sara

Team: Maddie B, Alex G, Mariana L, Tuesday P, Sara B, Cara F, Tabby A, Sophie CR, Edith D;

U13C v Framlingham Prep Score: 6 – 18

After a journey that took longer than expected, the girls got straight off the bus and onto the court with no time to spare. As a result of this the girls found themselves on the back foot from the start. Framlingham took advantage of this and put pressure on our defence, putting Fram ahead in the first two quarters. The girls still had half the game to go and they found themselves playing some excellent and improved netball. Rebekah and Amelie worked hard in the Centre and fed some lovely balls to shooters Ella, Abbie and Zoe who put some great shots away. Defenders Sophie, Trinity and Harriet turned the ball over well and denied Fram from too many more opportunities. Well done girls, a much improved second half.

Team: Ella B, Zoe S, Abbie A, Amelie T, Rebekah H, Sara O, Harriet D, Trinity B, Sophie C-R