Maths Mastery

The Mathematics Department is a vibrant place offering an environment rich in mathematical opportunities. There is a focus on ‘Maths Mastery’ throughout the Pre-Prep and Years 3 and 4 which stems from high-performing Asian nations. The idea is to ensure children develop a deep and secure knowledge and understanding of a concept in all of its forms before progressing onto the next steps. This well received approach ensures that the transition from Pre-Prep to Prep is seamless and similar methodology continues.

Curiosity and problem solving

Numeracy is a key skill for life and we aim to combine the best of traditional approaches, such as mastering times tables, with practical investigations, problem-solving and hands-on activities. Self-confidence, curiosity and interest in the subject are stimulated through excellent teacher subject knowledge and enthusiasm in the classroom. Lessons are differentiated to ensure each child is appropriately challenged and supported. Regular opportunities to problem solve and investigate are integrated within lessons for all pupils, regardless of their abilities and the department make regular use of technology both for teaching and for pupils to learn online.

Abstract aspects and development of crucial skills

Years 5 to 8 extend their learning by developing the abstract aspects of Mathematics, moving from hands-on experiences to dealing with number in more complex situations. More able pupils in Years 6 to 8 are given the opportunity to work ahead of their chronological age in order to undertake scholarship work as desired. The Prep School also collaborate with the Senior School and an example of this is work undertaken as part of the first Maths Week England.

In addition to ensuring pupils develop those crucial skills for using Mathematics confidently in life, the department continuously seek to find ways to integrate soft-skills into lessons. Opportunities for collaborative work, reflection, improvement tasks and tenacity when the going gets tough are all provided.

Technology, Geography and Science are obvious areas of cross-curricular opportunities however opportunities within both French and Latin where pupils calculate in alternative languages are also popular.

Maths Beyond the Curriculum

We enter pupils who would benefit from the experience into national competitions such as the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Junior Mathematical Challenge (UKMT), the Primary Maths Challenge (PMC), the First Mathematics Challenge (FMC) and the Sumdog National/Regional contests as well as the Norfolk Maths Challenge. Significant success has been achieved by pupils in all of these over the past years.

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