May Day Garlands

Some of our Year 3 and Year 4 pupils enjoyed creating themed garlands in preparation for May Day in the popular Junior ‘Make it!’ Art hobby using flower heads,twigs and other natural items. May Day Garlands have been a part of the British country side throughout history, symbolising Spring, possibly going as far back as Celtic times. They were often placed on the village well in the hope for a good harvest later in the year. May Day celebrations often include Morris Dancing and Dancing around the May pole – see if you can find any May day celebrations near where you and your family live this weekend!

Garland made by Vennas, Bella and Imogen

Garland made by Sofia, Oliver and Angelica

Garland made by Olivia, Theresa  and Amelia

Creature Comforts

Following Year 3’s theme of habitats for this half term, the children loved exploring the forest in small groups to find small woodland animals. The pupils then researched their found creature’s perfect habitat and used the natural resources surrounding them to create them their perfect home.