Our Year 6 pupil Daisy S was competing recently at the Stoke Mandeville Stadium, Bucks in the British Shooting Schools National Pistol Championships.

She arrived at the Olympic village on Tuesday night and had a 30 minute practice session with her coach Michael Gault OBE in what was an incredibly daunting 18 target range. Daisy had to get used to having her own digital screen which displayed her score after each shot, just adding to the pressure of competition.

On Wednesday morning she arrived at the range at 8.45am to get through security, register, have her pistol taken for safety check and prepare to shoot in Detail 1 at 9.30am. When the children go to their firing point, they are completely alone. They are not allowed any assistance during the detail at all. Daisy was at firing point 8 of the 18 competitors shooting in Detail 1. Each competitor fires a total of 20 shots over 30 minutes with a short rest after the first 10 shots fired. Over two details, 25 competitors took part from all over Great Britain. Daisy finished in a very creditable 11th place, she improved her score from the previous regional championship in which she had qualified, and she was just four points short of a place in the final shoot out  as only the top eight go through. Eighth spot scored 165 out of 200, and Daisy scored 161- so close! Although she is disappointed not to have made the final eight, we are delighted that at her first National final, she has performed so well. She was one of the youngest competitors there and has two years left shooting as a junior so the future looks very bright! Langley Prep School is home to the 11th ranked under 14 pistol shot in Great Britain.