This week in Pre-Prep the children have been very busy taking part in sports activities. On Monday they enjoyed a special Assembly with Mrs Brown where they sang along and danced to songs from popular Disney films including ‘Moana’, ‘Trolls’ and ‘Toy Story’. The children enjoyed singing along to their favourite songs and bopped along to the rhythm.

On Tuesday Mrs Banks and Mrs De-Abreu held a special dance Zumba Assembly which had all the children up and moving. They began the Assembly with an important warm-up to stretch their muscles and get their heart-rates raised. They then performed some funky dance moves to beat of the music.

On Wednesday the whole of Pre-Prep joined Mrs Hood to take part in some fun games in the Sports Hall. They split into two teams per house and completed running races which involved batting, kicking, and pulling themselves along using body boards.

They then spent the rest of the day in Snake Wood for a special Forest School day. They enjoyed a picnic lunch in the woods and even made their own pizzas in the pizza oven. The children explored the forest with excitement and chose their own activities including bug viewing, den building and clay modelling.

“I liked doing the punch, punch punch in the Zumba dance!” Tim W-O, Year 1

“I loved playing in the forest and making crafts!” Finley W, Year 1


“The football race was so much fun!” Thomas S, Year 2