Our composer for January is Sergei Prokofiev and the children have thoroughly enjoyed listening and watching the story of Peter and the Wolf as part of their Pre-Prep music lessons. We were very fortunate to welcome Mrs Godfrey, one of our peripatetic team, who was able to bring in a large selection of the instruments, some of which are used in Peter and the Wolf, to let the children have-a-go, much to their delight. A pupil in Year 2 also kindly brought in his violin to share with us which he recently demonstrated in our string assembly.
Mrs Godfrey began by introducing each of the instruments individually and played to the children excerpts from Peter and the Wolf which they were able to identify the different characters from. She began with the flute which Vivaan quickly recognised this as the bird, followed by the oboe which the children instantly recognised as the duck. These were followed by the clarinet, French horn and bassoon, with the bassoon being hugely popular simply due its size which was larger than many of the Pre-Prep children!
Mrs Godfrey went on to share with the children other instruments of the same families such as the flute and piccolo, clarinet and cor anglais and then lastly the saxophone family of soprano, alto, tenor, baritone saxophone. The children enjoyed identifying the higher and lower instruments and the reasons why. After introducing all of the instruments Mrs Godfrey went on to play some well known Disney pieces on the flute, clarinet, oboe and saxophone which were all very popular and had the children joining in as they quickly recognised each piece.

“ I loved the duck sound of the oboe because it was very squeaky!” commented Arthur
“ My favourite was the clarinet playing music from Mama Mia” said Bella
“ I liked the all sounds the instruments made. My favourite was the flute because it sounded like the bird” commented William
“ I liked the clarinet and I remember that it uses a single reed” explained Tabitha
“ I really liked it when Mrs Godfrey played the Disney tunes” commented Willow
“ I will always remember the French Horn sounds and the double reed squeaky sound” explained Freddie
“One day I will play the saxophone” said Lexy
“ You have to practise lots if you want to be good” said Lucy. 

A successful music lesson we think.