Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first termly ‘Maths Information Session’ for parents. While we could not cover the entire mathematics curriculum in the time available, we hope that you found our discussion on ‘Number’ both useful and informative. Number is the foundation of all mathematical learning and so, arguably, the most important concept for the children to deeply master.
Attendees enjoyed taking part in a few activities in which they had to delve into the world of number sense. They also got to explore several of the mathematical resources their children use every day to support their learning and understanding.
If you were unable to attend, any handouts provided will be made available on the Parent Portal under Academic Details. We hope to see lots of you next term for the follow-up session: ‘Addition’.
Here is a little fact to leave you with… Did you know that the number 0 didn’t exist until around 600AD? How was this possible? What impact would its absence have on the mathematics you use every day?